Avacta Anti-diUbiquitin K6-linkage Affimer (44-29)

Lys-6-linked chains may be involved in DNA repair. Affimers are engineered to outperform antibodies and aptamers…

Ubiquitin is one of the most conserved proteins known. It has a major role in targeting cellular proteins for degradation by the 26S proteosome. It is also involved in sub-cellular targeting, the maintenance of chromatin structure, DNA repair, the regulation of gene expression, cell cycle regulation, kinase modification, endocytosis, the regulation of other cell signaling pathways and the stress response. Ubiquitin is synthesized as a precursor protein consisting of either polyubiquitin chains or a single ubiquitin moiety fused to an unrelated protein. This gene consists of three direct repeats of the ubiquitin coding sequence with no spacer sequence. Consequently, the protein is expressed as a polyubiquitin precursor with a final amino acid after the last repeat. An aberrant form of this protein has been detected in patients with Alzheimer’s disease and Down syndrome.



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