A high-throughput approach to developing T-cell immunotherapies

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25 June 2019

Supported by:

25 June 2019


About this webinar:

  • Methods for designing multi-colour assays specific to T-cell products using advanced flow cytometry
  • Identifying unique cytokine combinations that improve T-cell growth and reactivity
  • Assays for multiplexed evaluation of cell health, phenotype and cytokine profiling

Immunotherapy for cancers involves artificially prompting the immune system to treat cancer. Many cancer cells have surface tumour antigen molecules, which can be detected by the immune system’s antibody proteins, which bind to the antigen.

T-cell immunotherapy and CAR-T-cell therapies use different approaches to turn our immune system’s cancer-fighting cells into better fighters by either increasing their fighting ability or their numbers.

T-cell immunotherapy is a rapidly growing personalised treatment which expands unmodified cellular products ex vivo for re-infusion into patients. This webinar will discuss the promises and pitfalls associated with developing individualised antigen-specific T-cell therapy products for clinical use. 


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    Dr. Christopher Lazarski, PhD
    Director, Flow Core staff scientist III

    Dr. Lazarski is an immunologist with extensive training in T-cell responses in animal models, vaccines and cell therapy products. His experience in academia and industry involved investigating the signals required for CD8+ and CD4+ effector function in models of infection and immunity, along with the pathways for processing and presentation of vaccine antigens to T-cells.  He has also developed novel measures for flow cytometric based analysis of the frequency of lymphocyte subsets and activation. As a Research Scientist at GenVec, he established improved methods for immune cell characterisation including protocols for multi-parameter analysis of T cell, NK cell, and dendritic cell subsets and activation in the spleen, regional lymph nodes, mucosa, and within solid tumours.  He is currently a Staff Scientist III at Children’s National Medical Center (CNMC) where he manages the operations of the Flow Cytometry Core and works within the Immune Testing and Characterisation Lab as part of the Children’s Cell Therapy GMP facility.

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