Charles River Laboratories presents newly expanded capabilities at Neuroscience 2017

Posted: 7 November 2017 | | No comments yet

Charles River Laboratories International, Inc. announced that its team of neuroscience drug discovery experts is presenting 27 scientific posters, both independently and collaboratively with clients, at Neuroscience 2017, the 47th annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience (SfN).

Charles River Laboratories presents newly expanded capabilities at Neuroscience 2017

The meeting, which brings together over 30,000 researchers from more than 80 countries, is taking place from November 11-15 in Washington, DC.

Showcasing Scientific Excellence

Throughout the conference, Charles River experts will be presenting posters and hosting discussions on the latest innovations in neuroscience research, including innovative tools and applications for research on drugs targeting Huntington’s, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and other neurological disorders.

Noteworthy posters include:

  • Assay development and validation of a high content-based high-throughput assay to measure α-synuclein aggregation in dopaminergic human neurons differentiated in vitro (Presented: Sunday, November 12, 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.) This study, with the Michael J. Fox Foundation, describes an assay that can be used to test drugs for Parkinson’s disease.
  • Results of a phenotypic HTS to identify small molecule modulators of mutant HTT levels in hES cells as HD therapies (Presented: Monday, November 13, 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.) This study, presented in conjunction with CHDI Foundation, used stem cells with the Huntington’s disease mutation to create a high-throughput screen for compounds that decrease levels of the mutant protein that causes the disease.
  • Deficits in Touchscreen-based Operant Tasks and Fear Conditioning Memory in the Cuprizone Model of Multiple Sclerosis (Presented: Monday, November 13, 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.) Leveraging touchscreen technology, this study tested cognitive function and memory in mice with an MS-like condition.

During the conference, Charles River will host short discussion sessions in Booth #1115, covering topics including profiling ion channels, PET imaging in neuroinflammation, and the use of CRISPR in neuroscience drug discovery.

Expanded Neuroscience Capabilities

In August, Charles River announced the acquisition of Brains On-Line, a neuroscience-focused provider of microdialysis and in vivo efficacy and pharmacokinetics testing. Together, Brains On-Line and Charles River are a premier early-stage research and development partner for neuroscience drug discovery. During Neuroscience 2017, visit the Brains On-Line, a Charles River Company, Booth (#935) for select poster reprints and to speak to experts in neuroscience research.

Supporting Neuroscience Research

Over the years, Charles River has donated to research organisations to help advance novel drug discoveries. To continue that support at Neuroscience 2017, Charles River encourages conference attendees to “walk” their way to funding critical research. The Company will give away pedometers at Booth #1115 during the conference, with each participant’s step totals driving Charles River’s donation to the SfN Foundation.

A full schedule of Charles River’s activities during Neuroscience 2017 is available online, and reprints of each poster are available in Booths #1115 and #935 during the conference. Additionally, experts are available for meetings with those interested in discussing neuroscience research and drug discovery. Throughout the conference, Charles River will be providing live updates on the Eureka Blog, including reviews of scientific sessions and input on the research being presented.

Approved Quotes

  • “Our scientists are exploring groundbreaking science in the treatment of Alzheimer’s, MS, and Parkinson’s; therapeutic areas that significantly impact the lives of millions. Neuroscience 2017 provides our scientists an important opportunity to share their research and collaborate with peers from across the globe.” –Birgit Girshick, Corporate Senior Vice President, Global Discovery Services, Charles River
  • “The field of neuroscience is constantly progressing, with new technologies and discoveries being announced every day. We’re extremely proud of the body of work we’re presenting this year, and look forward to leveraging what we learn at Neuroscience 2017 to advance our research.” –Antti Nurmi, PhD, Managing Director, Charles River Discovery Services
  • “Neuroscience has been one of the most challenging areas of drug discovery, but the adoption of innovative technologies like CRISPR and increasingly, translational model systems and biomarkers, is opening up new opportunities in this fast-paced field.” –Ian Waddell, PhD, Executive Director of Biology, Charles River Discovery Services
  • “This year, Charles River is supporting SfN by promoting the simplest of activities: walking. Together we create healthier lives—through our research, our support of critically important foundations, and our actions.” –William Barbo, Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer, Charles River