Episode 8 – 3D imaging with Hilary Sherman, Corning Life Sciences & Dr Oksana Sirenko, Molecular Devices

Posted: 4 May 2022 | | No comments yet

In this episode, experts explore the benefits of 3D imaging and the important considerations for organoid workflows in research and drug development.

In this podcast, in partnership with Molecular Devices, we cover the advantages of 3D imaging over 2D, workflows surrounding organoids and how the bottlenecks of 3D imaging can be overcome. Featured are expert speakers, Hilary Sherman, Senior Applications Scientist at Corning Life Sciences and Dr Oksana Sirenko, Research Scientist at Molecular Devices.

Tune in to hear about the important considerations for 3D cultures and imaging and the value of automation in these processes, plus much more!

Key learning points:

  • The benefits of 3D imaging in research and drug development
  • How confocal microscopy supports 3D imaging 
  • The importance and advantages of organoids in research
  • Unique complexities of organoid research
  • How issues in 3D imaging can be overcome

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Hilary ShermanHilary Sherman is a Senior Scientist in the Corning Life Sciences Applications Lab and her role involves creating technical documents such as protocols and whitepapers. In the last several years, Hilary has worked extensively with 3D cell culture applications including human organoid culture.

Dr Oksana SirenkoDr Oksana Sirenko is a Senior Scientist at Molecular Devices and is an expert in developing assays with complex cell-based models. She has previous experience in drug development (Bayer, Novartis) and drug discovery (Fibrogen). Oksana holds a PhD in Biochemistry/Biophysics, has over 15 years of industry experience and has authored over 35 scientific papers.