Cisbio Bioassays Cell signaling phospho-assays

HTRF® cellular phospho-/total protein assays provide precise, sensitive measurement of endogeneous levels of phosphorylated and non phophorylated proteins able to be achieved in an endogenous cellular environment…

All assays are based on the same sandwich immunoassay construction, comprising two specific monoclonal antibodies coupled to HTRF donor and acceptor dyes.

Assays for measuring phosphorylated and total proteins directly in cell:

  • Compatible with complex biological cellular models (primary, 3D cells…)
  • Very robust and reliable
  • Strongly correlated with ELISA
  • Highly sensitivity which lowers the cell requirement

All Cisbio’s cellular assay kits can be used from basic research up to High Throughput drug screening for both small molecule and biologic investigation.

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