Cisbio Bioassays Toolbox products and services

A comprehensive line of ready-to-use HTRF toolbox reagents labeled with HTRF fluorescent dyes for studying molecular interactions using time-resolved fluorescence energy transfer…

Toolbox reagents include Europium and Lumi4®-Terbium cryptates, as well as XL665 and d2 labeled anti-tag antibodies, streptavidins, anti-immunoglobulin antibodies, lectins and other affinity system reagents for use depending on the specific assay. A wide range of assays has been developed with these reagents, including protein:protein interactions, nuclear receptor assays, ligand binding, and enzymatic assays.

Benefit from unlimited flexibility for your assay development:

  • Tools to support any tag, any configuration
  • Add-and-read format for all throughput needs
  • Validated on numerous target configurations
  • Labeling kits and custom labeling services available for coupling untagged proteins directly

Custom labeling and assay development services are also available to help meet your research needs.

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