Cisbio Bioassays EPIgeneous™ biochemical and cellular assays

Rapid advancements have been made in understanding the key role epigenetic modifications play in regulating cell activity and their implications on cell health and disease progression…

This knowledge led to a growing interest in exploring epigenetic enzymes and proteins, such as histone methyltransferases (HMT), demethylases (HDMT), deacetylases (HDAC) and acetylases (HAT) as drugable targets. Cisbio Bioassays offers EPIgeneous™ products, a line of validated, HTRF assay kits and toolbox reagents for reliable, high throughput screening and investigation of epigenetic targets.

HTRF epigenetics assays:

  • Robust HTRF technology delivers reliable, reproducible results
  • Multiple assay formats (universal, semi-universal, specific and cell-based) offer greater flexibility and applicability
  • Homogeneous assays with no wash steps save time and money
  • Assay specific materials available online for added simplicity and confidence

In addition to our HTRF product offering, Cisbio scientists provide custom labeling and assay development services that create new and innovative epigenetic screening approaches including cellular screening, full histone assays, protein:protein binding assays and more.

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