Video: PerkinElmer signals lead discovery

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Quickly gain new insights into chemical and biomolecular research data. Featuring guided search and analysis workflows and dynamic data visualisations.

For small molecule chemistry:

  • Perform compound series analysis to identify R-groups of interest.
  • Leverage Maximum Common Scaffold and Matched Pair Analysis to identify components that drive activity and/or ADME properties.

For biologics

  • Easily visualize monomer changes in the biological sequences in the 3D structure of the biological molecule.
  • Immediately fill aggregated SAR tables using the assay types you select on the fly.
  • Easily identify similar biological molecules that succeeded or failed during the scale up process and looked for trends amongst the manufacturing data.
  • Make better selections for constructs, strains, and growth conditions to improve the likelihood of manufacturing success.
  • BLAST search to find molecules of interest and their related results.

Learn more here about PerkinElmer’s signals lead discovery, alternatively, you can download this supporting document

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