Under the microscope

Under the microscope: Unveiling a next-generation imaging system with deep learning technology

Posted: 13 April 2022 | | No comments yet

The ImageXpress Confocal HT.ai High-Content Imaging System combines premium hardware technology with a self-learning software analysis workflow for increased signal and ultra-fast 3D organoid screening.

Molecular Devices, a leading provider of high-performance life science technology, has globally launched its next-generation, high-content imaging system.

Built on the success of the company’s flagship model, the ImageXpress Confocal HT.ai High- Content Imaging System is designed to help researchers advance phenotypic screening of three-dimensional (3D) cell models, such as organoids. The new system offers faster image acquisition and multiplexing flexibility with high-performance lasers. Image analysis with machine learning enables researchers to quickly uncover new insights that are provable and repeatable with clear, accurate data.


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