Episode 15 – Minimise variability issues in your organoids

Posted: 7 December 2022 | | No comments yet

Join our experts as they discuss factors causing variability issues in organoids and how to avoid them.

In this episode, brought to you by Molecular Devices, we cover reducing variability issues in organoids. We speak with Dr Ilya Lukonin, scientist in organoid phenotyping at the Roche Institute for Translational Bioengineering (ITB), and Dr Passley Hargrove, Programme Officer for the US National Health Institute’s Tissue Chip Programme. 

Listen now to discover factors that cause variability issues, how to standardise your research process, plus much more!

Key learning points:

  • Examine why organoids are not always consistent in structure and how this can lead to variability
  • Explore how these issues can impact research
  • Expand your knowledge on how you can solve variability issues in your research.

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Our speakers

Headshot of Dr Ilya LukoninDr Ilya Lukonin, a scientist in Organoid Phenotyping group at Roche Institute for Translational Bioengineering



Image of Dr Passley Hargove

Dr Passley Hargrove, Programme officer for the US National Health Institute’s Tissue Chip Programme


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