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Under the microscope: Sustaining momentum in iPSC-derived allogeneic cell therapies

Posted: 12 April 2023 | , , | No comments yet

Drug Target Review connects with Dr Stefan Braam, co-founder and CTO of Cellistic, and Andy Holt, CCO of Cellistic, for a rundown on today’s landscape for allogeneic cell therapies.

Drug Target Review spoke with Dr Stefan Braam and Andy Holt from Cellistic about allogeneic cell therapies derived from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). They discussed the importance of understanding how to differentiate iPSCs, scale them and control them. The pair noted that questions still remain around modulating immune response, and the right starting cell type and reprogramming technology. They spoke about how the industry has started to realise that there is room for numerous different approaches, including allogeneic cell therapies. The pair also talked about the need for a high level of expertise in this area given the complexity of the tasks, and about the role Cellistic plays as a speciality player in the larger contract development and manufacturing organisation landscape.