Application note: Assess cell viability and proliferation with colorimetric readouts

Posted: 29 October 2019 | | No comments yet

MTT and Cell Cytotoxicity assay kits from Abcam can both be used to measure cell proliferation (viable cells) and cytotoxicity. The choice of which assay to use is mainly based on the desired workflow and time required to complete an assay.

In this application note, scientists from Molecular Devices compare an MTT assay to the colorimetric Cell Cytotoxicity Assay to assess for both experimental efficacy as well as overall workflow efficiency and time required to run the assays. The data was acquired using the SpectraMax® ABS Plus Microplate Reader.


  • Reduce hands-on time with a single-reagent alternative method 
  • Obtain convenient colorimetric readouts
  • Assay as few as 300 cells per sample


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