eBook: Streamline beer, wine, and food quality control and safety analyses

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Using absorbance microplate readers to streamline beer, wine and food safety analyses using industry-standard approved methods.

Absorbance microplate readers are widely used in research, drug discovery, bioassay validation, quality control, and manufacturing processes in the pharmaceutical, biotech, food and beverage, and academic industries. They provide rapid and sensitive measurements of a variety of analytes across a wide range of concentrations for a wide range of assays including ELISAs, microbial growth, detection of key compounds and contaminants, and protein quantitation.

This eBook from Molecular Devices outlines seven food & beverage applications and workflows that can help you save time and resources, using SpectraMax® absorbance readers and SoftMax® Pro Software.

Learn more about:

  • Food Safety Applications: Endotoxin testing and melamine detection in GLP/GMP environments
  • Beer Applications: Gluten level testing, yeast metabolism, color and bitterness (IBU’s)
  • Wine Application: L-Malic acid and phenolic compounds



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