Expert view: A technological breakthrough in flow cytometry

Flow cytometry has become a widely used technology in life science research. It is also essential for many pharma and biotechnology companies due to its proficiency in identifying biomarkers, developing biopharmaceuticals, and assessing the efficiency of new pharmacological protocols…

R&D faces a major challenge to keep costs low while still advancing treatment strategies. These strategies can only be identified with more detailed analysis of biological mechanisms, cell populations and the mechanism of action of new molecules.

Addressing such challenges requires fast solutions that offer high-throughput multiparametric analysis. Furthermore, the wide variety of experimental protocols developed to answer scientific and pharmacological questions requires flexible instruments. Finally, these solutions should be accessible to even non-experienced researchers.

In the past, flow cytometers could deliver detailed analysis of multiple parameters, but with limitations in terms of throughput and number of samples analysed. The Bio-Rad ZE5 Cell Analyser represents a technological breakthrough that gives industrial laboratories the flexibility to design a broad range of different protocols and still analyse experiments faster. The system’s integrated sample loader can switch from tubes to up to 384-well plates in seconds. Combining this rapid sample loader with the system’s unparalleled speed (100,000 events per second) makes the ZE5 ideal for screening. Its 30-parameter capability delivers a large amount of data on all samples – a major requirement for making new discoveries and increasing productivity. The ZE5 loader has temperature control and vortexing for sample re-suspension, ensuring no sample is lost. The sample delivery system also allows users to maximise sample usage by returning unused sample to the well or tube. When in use, the ZE5’s companion software offers user-friendly features such as the Spectral Viewer for experiment design and QC checks with the ZE5 EYE to ensure proper configuration.

For busy and innovative biopharma laboratories, the ZE5 is, therefore, the ideal system.