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Flow Cytometry


Flow cytometry – accelerating neuroscience research

18 September 2017 | By

Flow cytometry continues to evolve at a fast pace and provides neuroscientists with the ability to perform many highly-specialised assays simultaneously. It meets the demands of cutting-edge research in neuroscience that has allowed researchers to isolate particular neural cells from heterogeneous population and catalogue its molecular or physical features...

Product Hub: Flow cytometric screening assays in drug discovery

16 February 2017 | By

Flow cytometry is a laser-based technology – a powerful tool for drug discovery and the screening process and can be used in all settings, including research, clinical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology. The increasing capabilities of flow cytometers make their incorporation into drug development and screening optimal...

Flow cytometry: Not just a box in the lab

21 September 2015 | By

Undoubtedly, you will have noticed the increase in the number of publications utilising flow cytometry, heard it mentioned more in meetings and probably even been targeted by several companies trying to sell you their latest cytometer. The rapidly advancing technology behind the cytometer and an increase in applications that use…

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