Innovating Cell and Gene Therapy Quality Control Conference 2022

Date: 13 July 2022
Time: All Day

Website: bit.ly/3yEM9ag

Innovating Cell and Gene Therapy Quality Control Conference 2022

Start Fast, Finish Safe: Releasing cell and gene therapy products using modern microbiological QC testing solutions.

Our sister journal European Pharmaceutical Review has launched a FREE* online conference this July, on Innovating Cell and Gene Therapy Quality Control.

Cell and gene therapies are critical emerging treatment modalities with the potential to tackle and cure conditions from life-limiting genetic disorders to cancers. However, being novel, biological and potentially personalised presents a whole range of quality control challenges. During this conference we will address the critical element of microbiological safety and control.

Listen to leading cell and gene therapy quality control experts to discover how the industry is rapidly advancing ways to ensure microbiological QC testing can keep up with these complex therapies.

Their line-up of industry leading speakers will elaborate on the risks of inadequate microbial testing during the manufacture of cell and gene therapies, addressing how they can be mitigated to ensure patient safety. This event is for manufacturing and quality control personnel looking to:

  • Obtain an understanding of the critical technological advances that ensure future workflows will be faster and more efficient for endotoxin detection, microbial contamination detection and identification.
  • Learn from real-world case study examples on the benefits of sound environmental monitoring, in-process testing and rapid sterility, as well as how to troubleshoot challenges

Attend this conference to ensure that not only are your microbiological QC labs testing challenges addressed, but that your organisation is equipped with the skills, technology and guidance that it needs to release safe cell and gene therapies.

Need more information? Visit the dedicated event website for more detail.

*LIMITED FREE VIP PASSES AVAILABLE: If you’re a professional from a pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical company, biotech organisation or research centre, apply for your free pass now.