SK bioscience collaborates with IVI to support global R&D

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SK bioscience and IVI convened in consultative meeting to discuss cooperation for next pandemic and announced KRW3 billion donation to IVI to support advancement of global vaccine R&D


SK bioscience, Korea, a leading vaccine manufacturer and a key partner of the International Vaccine Institute (IVI), have launched an initiative to support the advancement of vaccine research and development (R&D).

SK bioscience had a consultative meeting with IVI to seek sustainable cooperation to respond to the next pandemic, held at the SK bioscience headquarters in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province.

The meeting was followed by a donation ceremony. SK bioscience announced on the day that it would provide KRW 3 billion in donations to IVI to support vaccine R&D, and equipment and device purchases. The donation will be delivered to IVI through KSC in the form of a charitable donation.

SK bioscience and IVI have been working together for nearly 10 years to achieve the common goal of promoting global public health.

Last year, SK bioscience successfully developed a typhoid vaccine, ‘SKYTyphoid’ which applied IVI’s conjugated vaccine production technology.

From the early stage of research and development, the vaccine was supported with research funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and SK bioscience oversaw the R&D, production and licensing while IVI coordinated global clinical trials.

SKYTyphoid demonstrated its excellent immunogenicity and safety through global phase 3 clinical trials conducted in Nepal. Based on this result, the vaccine finally obtained an export license from the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in May 2022, and its global supply will start in earnest once WHO prequalification is achieved in the future.

Korea’s first COVID-19 vaccine: ‘SKYCovione’ is also a result of cooperation with IVI. SKYCovione, a synthetic antigen-based COVID-19 vaccine, underwent global clinical trials and sample analysis conducted in cooperation with IVI, which have demonstrated its excellent immunogenicity and safety.

SKYCovione has now become an alternative option for people in Korea who are reluctant to get vaccinated due to safety concerns about vaccines adopting new technology. Currently SK bioscience is accelerating preparations including the WHO’s emergency use listing to launch the vaccine on the global market.

“With the two vaccines brought to market, the SK bioscience-IVI partnership has been one of the best examples of global public-private partnerships for accelerating the development of vaccines for global public health,” said Dr Jerome Kim, Director General of IVI.

SK Discovery Vice Chairman Chang-won Chey concluded: “The COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated that it is impossible for companies, institutions, or a government alone to cope with the next pandemic. Strengthening cooperation with IVI will be a cornerstone to protect the health and happiness of people through the advancement of vaccine R&D.”

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