Free access to AI Clinical Research Navigator tool for COVID-19 researchers

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the creators of the Clinical Research Navigator (CRN) tool have offered free access to their system for biomedical researchers.

researcher in lab coat touching drug design icon

Expert System Enterprise, an artificial intelligence (AI) company, has offered biomedical researchers free access to its AI-based Clinical Research Navigator (CRN) tool, effective immediately through at least 1 July 2020.

CRN contains over 100 million documents and reference information on 12 million clinical researchers, updated in near real-time and structured so it is searchable by disease, drug, mechanism of action, organisation, researcher and geography.

The system constantly monitors and mines biomedical content from an array of sources, including MEDLINE publications, clinical trials, National Institutes of Health-funded research, US patents, news and social media streams. CRN then aggregates and sorts the information based on the searchable fields listed above. Using natural language processing (NLP) the technology recognises related terms (eg, COVID-19, coronavirus and SARS-CoV-2) and puts them into context.

“In facing the unprecedented global health challenge posed by COVID-19, we see an urgent need for advanced AI technologies to help researchers accelerate their search for therapeutics and diagnostics,” said Christophe Aubry, Executive Vice President at Expert System. “CRN enables medical researchers in the frontlines of finding treatments to have a powerful AI tool that offers structured, intuitive and real-time access to research taking place around the world.”

Walt Mayo, Chief Executive Officer of Expert System, added: “CRN offers a global perspective to any researcher, anywhere, to find information on virtually all research, everywhere. As an AI company based in Italy, we understand first-hand the devastating impact of COVID-19 and want to get this weapon in the in the hands of as many researchers as possible. We will provide simplified, immediate and free access to CRN.”

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