IntelliCyt ForeCyt Software: Optimize, analyze, visualize, realize…faster!

The heart of the IntelliCyt platform, ForeCyt Software, is an interactive assay development, implementation, and analysis environment…

Designed from a screening perspective, ForeCyt software provides plate level annotation, analytics, and results visualization tools not found in traditional flow-based analysis software packages.

From linking well data together to combining multiple assay outcomes together to identify “hits”, the time saving features help you get data insights that drive discovery.

ForeCyt Standard Edition: “Instrument Control and Analysis”

Part of every instrument, ForeCyt software provides the flexibility to set up sample acquisition, probe rinsing, and sampler cleaning any way you want, plate after plate. Once your analysis is created and optimized, it can be turned into a template that can be applied to any number of plates, providing “on-the-fly” analysis and result generation as your plates are processed.

ForeCyt Offline Edition: “Analysis on the Run”

For when you need to analyze your data but are not connected to the instrument. Planes, trains, and automobiles are now just extensions of your office.

ForeCyt Enterprise Edition: “Multi-user Access and Data Sharing”

Designed to be secure and scalable, ForeCyt Enterprise software is a multi-user, multi-instrument data storage and management solution that gives distributed access to remote analysis capabilities using “clients” activated with floating licenses. Some of the advantages for your organization are:

  • Security and reliability via centralized data storage, encrypted network communication, and team / user level permissions
  • Collaboration via data sharing among multiple users
  • Throughput enhancements by running experiments on multiple instruments
  • Scalability through enterprise caliber software architecture
  • Ease of deployment via simple installers and flexible physical IT layout

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