Drug Target Review – Issue #2 2017

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Included in this issue: Technology convergence improves testing; Screening; Stem Cells; Targets; Mass Spectrometry; and Therapeutics in Alzheimer’s disease…

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  • Foreword: Technology convergence improves testing models
    Anton Simeonov, Scientific Director of the Division of Pre-Clinical Innovation (DPR) at the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS), National Institutes of Health
  • In-Depth Focus: Screening
  • Genomics: Review: biomarkers towards personalised therapy in cancer
    Mahvash Tavassoli and Katheryn Begg, King’s College London
  • In-Depth Focus: Stem Cells
  • Mass Spectrometry: Using native mass spectrometry to inform drug discovery
    Idlir Liko, OMass Technologies and University of Oxford; Timothy M Allison, OMass Technologies and University of Oxford; Hsin-Yung Yen, OMass Technologies and University of Oxford; Jonathan S.T. Hopper, OMass Technologies; Carol V. Robinson, OMass Technologies and University of Oxford
  • In-Depth Focus: Targets
  • Research area: CNS: Insights from discovery through clinical efficacy to support a new class of therapeutics in Alzheimer’s disease
    Petr Kocis, John A Hey, Susan Abushakra, Aidan Power, and Martin Tolar, Alzheon

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