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Stem Cells


A new clue in lupus autoantibody production

12 April 2016 | By Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

Researchers have discovered that interferon gamma could hold the key to understanding how harmful autoantibodies form in lupus patients...

First glimpse of an immature HIV-neutralising antibody

6 April 2016 | By Victoria White

Scientists have described the first-ever immature antibody found in a powerful class of immune molecules effective against HIV. TSRI biologist Jiang Zhu called the antibody a “teenager” and said it gives scientists a unique view of the steps needed to prompt the immune system to effectively target HIV...

Explaining CAR T-cell therapy

23 March 2016 | By Dr John Maher, Principal Investigator, National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) at Guy’s and St Thomas’ and Kings College London

Here, Dr John Maher of the NIHR BRC at Guy's and St Thomas' and Kings College London discusses CAR T-cell therapy and the exciting frontier the technique has opened up in the battle against cancer...

Pushing the limits of protein expression with miRNAs

17 March 2016 | By , ,

Biopharmaceuticals are highly complex protein drugs such as antibodies, cytokines and peptide hormones, which are used for a variety of indication areas, including immunology, neurology, metabolic diseases and cancer. These modern protein drugs may hinder progression of a disease, ease symptoms or assure – in the case of chronic diseases…

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