Alpha technology

Alpha (Amplified Luminescence Proximity Homogeneous Assay) bead-based technology for no-wash assays.

Alpha Technology is a bead-based proximity assay. When Alpha donor and acceptor beads are brought together, a cascade of chemical reactions is set in motion, creating a greatly amplified signal. The highly versatile beads can be coated with various biomolecules, enabling detection of unique biological events.

Virtually anything can be measured with Alpha Technology quickly and easily, including enzymes, receptor-ligand interactions, low-affinity interactions, second messenger levels, DNA, RNA, proteins, protein: protein interactions, peptides, sugars and small molecules.

  • Ease-of-use: homogeneous, no-wash assay, with no separation steps
  • Fast: results in 3 hours for most applications
  • High sensitivity: detect down to femtogram levels of target
  • Large dynamic range: 4-5 logs
  • Compatible with many samples types: serum, plasma, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), tissue extracts, cell culture supernatants, cell lysates, and more

Choose the Alpha solution that’s right for you:

  • AlphaLISA® – when running large numbers of ELISA from the same sample or working with difficult matrix, serum or plasma
  • AlphaLISA® SureFire® UltraTM and AlphaScreen® SureFire® – an excellent choice for studying pathways or phosphorylated proteins in whole cells, or studying endogenous receptors
  • AlphaScreen® – perfect for studying fusion-tagged proteins or protein: protein interactions, and for testing cAMP, phosphorylated peptides or samples in a simple matrix

Alpha Toolbox – when your target doesn’t have an off-the-shelf kit, the toolbox gives you everything you need to create your own.

To find out more about this product, click here or download the brochure.

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