Poster: Expansion of human induced pluripotent stem cells in scalable stirred suspension culture

Posted: 12 January 2018 | Merck | No comments yet

Expansion of hiPSCs as aggregates in stirred suspension…


  •  The cell concentrations recommended for clinical scale tissue engineering warrant the use of systems that are capable of generating large batches of human induced pluripotent
    stem cells (hiPSCs) in a controlled manner.
  • Stirred suspension culture is a scalable method that has been used to successfully manufacture vaccines and therapeutic cells for numerous indications.
  • Prior studies have shown the ability to culture hiPSCs in stirred suspension culture, however the culture vessels have mostly been limited to small scale spinner flasks.


  •  To grow hiPSCs as aggregates in 125mL spinner flasks and scale up to a 1L culture in a single-use bioreactor.


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