Application note: Tools for 2D and 3D neuronal cell culture

Posted: 14 May 2019 | | No comments yet

From the B-27 Plus Neuronal Culture System to fluorescent probes for cell analysis. Publication history of B-27 supplements demonstrates that researchers are expanding its use, far beyond the long-term culture of rat hippocampal and cortical neurons.

Traditional culture and analytical methods in the neuroscience field have long relied on rodent cell model systems to emulate the behaviours of higher mammalian neural network activity, with the aim of discovering, characterising, and testing pharmaceuticals for safety and toxicology. These and most excitable, postmitotic cell types are typically dissociated from freshly prepared tissues or cryopreserved for later study using a variety of media and extracellular matrix formulations intended to recapitulate native or in vivo conditions.

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