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eBook: Explore cells from the inside out

23 August 2019 | By

Modern cell biology requires a wide variety of applications to keep up with the numerous exciting directions that research takes us. Detection technologies ranging from fluorescence to cellular imaging have become common in today’s laboratories.

Whitepaper: IHC/ICC Protocol Guide

22 July 2019 | By

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) and immunocytochemistry (ICC) are techniques employed to localize antigen expression and are dependent on specific epitope-antibody interactions.

Whitepaper: Immune Cell Isolation & Culture

22 July 2019 | By

Immune cell isolation and culture are necessary for both basic research aimed at investigating the functions of different immune cell types, and for expanding specific immune cell populations for therapeutic purposes.

Case study: Shipping media for fresh tissue

2 July 2019 | By

For biomarker discovery efforts, primary cell assays, and patient-derived xenograft work, among others, access to fresh human surgical tissue is an essential component in obtaining reliable results.