BIOSTAT® RM TX and Flexsafe® RM TX Bags

The BIOSTAT® RM TX system consists of an automated control unit and a rocking platform, for gently agitating a single-use Flexsafe® RM bag…

BIOSTAT® RM TX & Flexsafe® RM TX BagsEnabling the ex vivo expansion of patient-specific T cells or other types of immune cells, the BIOSTAT® RM TX is suitable for process development, as well as for the expansion of relevant cell numbers. Fed-batch, perfusion processes or a combination of culture modes are all possible with this system.


Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine therapeutics repair, replace and engineer human cells, tissues and organs to restore their normal function. The discipline has great potential to address clinical needs that are currently unmet by conventional pharma or biopharmaceutical products. Rocking motion bioreactors are widely used for the expansion step during stem and T-cell cultivation processes, incl. CAR-T. Companies are actively approaching us to work on the integration of our rocking motion bioreactors into their process environment and explore the PAT capabilities coming with our single-use systems. Tests that these customers perform with Flexsafe® RM bags continue to be successful, even for the most sensitive cells.

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