Scientific poster: Developing protein: Protein Interaction (PPI) assays with AlphaLISA and LANCE TR-FRET

In this scientific poster, PerkinElmer demonstrates the ease and utility of using AlphaLISA® and LANCE® TR-FRET homogenous assay forms for studying PPIs.

Protein: protein interactions (PPIs) are central to the molecular processes that take place within a cell, as the function of any given protein is often regulated by other proteins. In recent years, modulation of PPIs has received increased attention in the scientific community as a whole, and specifically within the realm of drug discovery. PPIs are being studied as therapeutic targets in a variety of diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease, and even HIV.

Currently, there are a variety of methods used to detect PPIs, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. This is especially true in regards to sensitivity and specificity. However, the ideal assay is a cell-based, homogenous assay that maintains both its specificity and sensitivity.

Here we show that both the AlphaLISA and LANCE TR-FRET technologies allow for the development of protein: protein interaction assays in cell-based, homogenous no-wash formats suitable to HTS applications.

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