Whitepaper: How to address the versatile challenges of neurosciences?

Posted: 11 September 2019 | | No comments yet

Structural and functional study of the nervous system, also known as Neuroscience, is one of the scientific fields that has always crystallized the hopes and fantasy of humankind – not only interms of disease understanding and treatment but also in terms of capacity improvement.

Despite the tremendous progress made since Ramon y Cajal’s pioneering work introducing the neuronal doctrine at the beginning of the XXth century, the path leading to a complete understanding of the nervous system’s secrets remains long. Neuroscience is also the field highlighting more than any other the need for interdisciplinarity, as scientists need to explore phenomena from the molecular level to the scale of the entire organism passing by various cellular aspects such as interactions neuron-neuron or neuron-glia. Therefore, the challenges encountered by neuroscientists are multiple and varied.
For this reason, Bertin Instruments offers a wide range of products, consumables and bioreagents to help neuroscientists at each step of their experiments.
First, the Precellys homogenizers can be used for sample preparation prior to molecular downstream analysis. We present here a case study to illustrate the Precellys usefulness in preparing brain homogenates for RNA extraction. Then,in a second case study, we highlight the use of a Bertin Bioreagent ELISA kit to dose neuronal biomarkers in patient plasma samples. Finally, we show how the InCellis smart imaging system can help accurately measure retina layers thicknesses in a few seconds.


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