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PINNED in silico
PINNED in silico

Rapidly transitioning from in silico hits to leads on ‘undruggable’ pain targets

13 December 2022 | By ,

Opioid addiction is an ongoing crisis in the US. Researchers have identified a key regulator that shapes analgesic and aversive outputs of kappa opioid receptor signalling, finding lead inhibitors of this previously ‘undruggable’ target class – the Regulators of G protein Signalling (RGS proteins) – to help re-establish non-addictive kappa…

Molecular Target Validation in preclinical drug discovery

2 May 2014 | By , , ,

Preclinical drug target validation has the aim to increase confidence in a particular drug target. The process proves the initial hypothesis that a particular molecular target is key or even causative for pathogenic or symptomatic mechanisms in a disease. Several success factors seem to be of particular importance for the…

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance as a tool for chemokine inhibitor discovery

1 May 2014 | By

Chemokines orchestrate leukocyte trafficking in the immune system, but unregulated or inappropriate chemokine activity plays a key role in many inflammatory, allergic and autoimmune diseases as well as metastatic tumour progression. The chemokine network is comprised of ~50 distinct ligands that specifically bind and activate a family of 20 G…

An interview with James Adjaye, Heinrich Heine University

28 October 2013 | By Prof. Dr. James Adjaye

Prof. Dr. James Adjaye, Chair of Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine and Director of the Institute for Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine, Heinrich Heine University, talks to Drug Target Review about his research background, why he believes Drug Target Review will be a success and why he decided…