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PINNED stem cells
PINNED stem cells

ebook: Advances In Cell Imaging and Retrieval

22 May 2023 | By

Unleash the power of drug discovery with this FREE ebook supported by Sartorius! Explore the limitless potential of CRISPR applications and single cell sequencing for drug discovery. Access exclusive insights from industry leaders and stay ahead of the curve with the latest trends. Don't miss out on this opportunity to…

Drug Targets In-Depth Focus 2016

17 March 2016 | By Drug Target Review

In this Drug Targets In-Depth Focus: "The alarming increase in antibioticresistant bacteria", plus "Computational methods for drug repositioning"; and "An overview of Alzheimer’s disease drug targets"...

Pushing the limits of protein expression with miRNAs

17 March 2016 | By , ,

Biopharmaceuticals are highly complex protein drugs such as antibodies, cytokines and peptide hormones, which are used for a variety of indication areas, including immunology, neurology, metabolic diseases and cancer. These modern protein drugs may hinder progression of a disease, ease symptoms or assure – in the case of chronic diseases…

Strategies for identifying predictive biomarkers of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

17 March 2016 | By , , ,

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), a consequence of sedentary life styles and high fat diets, has an estimated prevalence of about 30% in western countries. It is associated with insulin resistance, obesity, glucose intolerance and drug toxicity. Additionally, polymorphisms within genes such as PNPLA3, TM6SF2, APOC3, NCAN and PPP1R3B correlate…

Classifying brain tumours to improve diagnoses

17 March 2016 | By

Brain tumours are complex cancer types, arising in many unique forms, each having varying survival rates and differing methods of treatment. Many brain tumours are difficult to clearly diagnose, leading to poor patient prognoses. Although they are mainly diagnosed by analysing morphological appearance, this does not closely correlate with the…

Browsing for drug targets

8 March 2016 | By Edward D. Zanders, PharmaGuide Ltd, Cambridge, UK

Here, Edward D. Zanders explains his motivation behind writing ‘Human Drug Targets a Compendium for Pharmaceutical Discovery’ - a collection of current and potential drug targets mapped to human genes curated by the HGNC...